Hillsborough walled garden – (June ’15)

The walled garden in June 2015 – the old path layout and central pool remain but the original 18th & 19th C gardens have gone .

Hillsborough Castle – the Walled Garden – April ’19

The newly restored walled garden at Hillsborough Castle, Northern Ireland, opened by Prince Charles in April 2019 for HRP. Designed by Mark Lutyens and Catherine FitzGerald. The garden still has some growing to do before it looks its best …

Hampstead garden – after (April ’19)

The same garden in Hampstead, just planted, nearly finished, April 2019

Hampstead garden – before (Sept ’18)

Hampstead garden – before (Sept ’18)

Isle of Wight rear garden

Isle of Wight; raised swimming pool with Agapanthus Arctic Star and Purbeck stone wall behind
IMG_0139 copy

Isle of Wight rear garden with swimming pool

Isle of Wight; swimming pool and Purbeck stone wall
IMG_0142 copy

Isle of Wight, rear garden

Isle of Wight; rear garden with gravel garden and pergola
IMG_0138 copy

Isle of Wight – front garden

Isle of Wight; front garden with white picket fence, cypress, oleanders and lilies
IMG_0131 copy

Clematis Betty Corning & golden jasmine

Clematis Betty Corning. Geranium Wargrave Pink. woundwort. golden jasmine copy
An unexpectedly good July combination of Clematis Betty Corning, golden jasmine, Geranium Wargrave Pink and a bit of dark purple woundwort


Connaught Sq trellis
Hardwood trellis with mirrors to brighten a dark courtyard and provide interest to a dull brick wall