Isle of Wight, rear garden

Isle of Wight; rear garden with gravel garden and pergola
IMG_0138 copy

Isle of Wight – front garden

Isle of Wight; front garden with white picket fence, cypress, oleanders and lilies
IMG_0131 copy

Clematis Betty Corning & golden jasmine

Clematis Betty Corning. Geranium Wargrave Pink. woundwort. golden jasmine copy
An unexpectedly good July combination of Clematis Betty Corning, golden jasmine, Geranium Wargrave Pink and a bit of dark purple woundwort


Connaught Sq trellis
Hardwood trellis with mirrors to brighten a dark courtyard and provide interest to a dull brick wall

Evergreens in February on the South Coast

Evergreens in February on the South Coast: a surprisingly successful combination of Pittosporum tobira, Hebe rakaiensis and Symphytum Slade Farm which flowers in early Spring (for many months) and is a great food source for bumble bees
hebe rakiensis, symphytum Slade Farm, pittosporum tobira

Formal planters in Central London

Timeless and elegant; bespoke fibreglass planters and window boxes and bay (Laurus nobilis) cones. Each planter has an internal reservoir to minimise drips and staining to the stonework
IMG_0625 copy

A softer look for the south front

Using a patchwork of reclaimed York stone and planting in the open, gravel-filled joints, we have transformed a rather bleak and uncomfortable but sunny terrace into something much more in keeping with the original house and the way it is now used – BEFORE and AFTER

After - a patchwork of pavings and planting

After – a patchwork of pavings and planting

south terrace BEFORE copy

Geranium, Dicentra & Brunnera

Geranium Dicentra Brunnera

Geranium Dicentra Brunnera

A communal garden in Maida Vale in April: a woodland planting under trees; Geranium macrorrhizum, white Dicentra and Brunnera Jack Frost. Planted last year, it struggled with the dry summer but seems to have come good

Amelanchier & Clematis alpina on Wiltshire chalk

A garden in Wiltshire, in late April, planted about 10 years ago. A chance and very pretty combination of Amelanchier (lamarckii?) and Clematis alpina Constance. The Amelanchier was a ‘special request’ and I didn’t expect it to thrive on thick chalk – but it has

A vertical summer garden

On this grey November day, I comfort myself with this photo of the banked planting in the courtyard outside my office shot in late June. Achillea (A. Moonshine and Red Velvet), Eryngium Sapphire Blue, Lilium regale, Euphorbia characias, Linaria, alchemilla planted as a floral wall in stacked cattle troughs; mostly all gone now but will, I hope, return next year even better.