Isle of Wight rear garden with swimming pool

Isle of Wight; swimming pool and Purbeck stone wall
IMG_0142 copy

Isle of Wight, rear garden

Isle of Wight; rear garden with gravel garden and pergola
IMG_0138 copy

Isle of Wight – front garden

Isle of Wight; front garden with white picket fence, cypress, oleanders and lilies
IMG_0131 copy

Clematis Betty Corning & golden jasmine

Clematis Betty Corning. Geranium Wargrave Pink. woundwort. golden jasmine copy
An unexpectedly good July combination of Clematis Betty Corning, golden jasmine, Geranium Wargrave Pink and a bit of dark purple woundwort


Connaught Sq trellis
Hardwood trellis with mirrors to brighten a dark courtyard and provide interest to a dull brick wall

Evergreens in February on the South Coast

Evergreens in February on the South Coast: a surprisingly successful combination of Pittosporum tobira, Hebe rakaiensis and Symphytum Slade Farm which flowers in early Spring (for many months) and is a great food source for bumble bees
hebe rakiensis, symphytum Slade Farm, pittosporum tobira

Formal planters in Central London

Timeless and elegant; bespoke fibreglass planters and window boxes and bay (Laurus nobilis) cones. Each planter has an internal reservoir to minimise drips and staining to the stonework
IMG_0625 copy

A softer look for the south front

Using a patchwork of reclaimed York stone and planting in the open, gravel-filled joints, we have transformed a rather bleak and uncomfortable but sunny terrace into something much more in keeping with the original house and the way it is now used – BEFORE and AFTER

After - a patchwork of pavings and planting

After – a patchwork of pavings and planting

south terrace BEFORE copy

Geranium, Dicentra & Brunnera

Geranium Dicentra Brunnera

Geranium Dicentra Brunnera

A communal garden in Maida Vale in April: a woodland planting under trees; Geranium macrorrhizum, white Dicentra and Brunnera Jack Frost. Planted last year, it struggled with the dry summer but seems to have come good

Amelanchier & Clematis alpina on Wiltshire chalk

A garden in Wiltshire, in late April, planted about 10 years ago. A chance and very pretty combination of Amelanchier (lamarckii?) and Clematis alpina Constance. The Amelanchier was a ‘special request’ and I didn’t expect it to thrive on thick chalk – but it has